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Shh! It
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If user personal safety, data privacy and accessibility are your company’s priorities, journey into the future of secure covert telecommunications with Shh! It. In a world awash with security threats, Shh! It provides a silent, a covert and a powerfully safer way to communicate private information on mobile phone calls. 

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my home address is "..."

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The Future Of Secure and Covert Telecommunications Is Shh! It


Protecting sensitive information is paramount. Sharing your home address, credit card number, or health information during a mobile phone call is without safeguards today. All this data is vulnerable to malicious actors. Shh! It ensures everyone’s data stays private. 

With Shh! It, your information adapts seamlessly to local languages, revolutionizing the way mobile users share private data. Feel the pulse of a new era in secure communications.

Shh! It, Don’t Say It

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Seize The Power:
Your Safety, Your Rules

Unlock a new dimension of control with Shh! It. Users craft their unique, independent cues – pre-recorded patterns, verbal commands, or action sequences. These signals unleash Shh It’s AI to discreetly retrieve and share information, tailored to each person’s abilities, disabilities, situations and needs.

In critical moments, like active shooter incidents, hostage crises, or medical emergencies, Shh! It becomes a lifeline. Communicate vital information without uttering a sound or in a covert manner. This is innovation that empowers individualized safety for every mobile device user. 

Shh! It, Don’t Say It

The Visionary

Revolutionizing Safety: Meet Wendy Mandell Geller our CEO, a visionary entrepreneur driven by a commitment to safeguarding people and their personal information during both emergency and daily phone conversations. 

Wendy holds 32 patent claims inside 3 patents. Her brainchild? A world where personal safety and data privacy reign supreme on every mobile call.

Her journey is one of empathy and innovation with a personal understanding after becoming disabled with Lyme Disease, that safety and security are paramount to accessibility. 

Join Geller in our new era of telecommunications user safety and data security technologies. Get ready to provide #EqualSafetyForAll, everywhere.

Shh! It, Don’t Say It.

Hybrid Calls CEO is a Founder of World Institute On Disability's Global Alliance For Disaster Resource Acceleration
Geller was featured on and is a weekly technology disability inclusion advocate @AXSChat on X.

More Than Innovation:
Shh! It Is Revolutionary
In User AI Safety Controls

Unlock a new dimension of control with Shh! It. Users craft their unique, independent cues – pre-recorded patterns, verbal commands, or action sequences. These signals unleash Shh It AI to discreetly retrieve and share saved private information, tailored to individual needs.

In public places, with company, or during critical moments – like active shooter incidents, hostage crises, or medical emergencies – Shh! It becomes your safety lifeline. Communicate vital information covertly, even without uttering a sound. This is innovation that empowers. 

Shh! It, Don’t Say It.


protect people and data

Provide Equal Protections

Join the Silent Safety Revolution

Invest In The Future Of
Innovative Private Data
Security For Everyone
Talking On A Mobile Device

Partner for Global Mobile Telecom Security and Safety

Be at the forefront of innovation. Join Shh! It and be a catalyst in the evolution of data security in telecommunications. Telecom giants, OS providers, and forward thinking companies, together we will elevate mobile caller safety to new heights.

Pioneer the Future of Safer Telecommunications with Us

Unite with us in a revolution that reshapes how we dial, communicate and share information. Join the silent symphony and be the pioneer of covert, safe and secure data telecommunications’ transmissions.

Shh! It Don’t Say It.

Unite for safety

human-only controls

command AI covertly

Safety For Everyone
Boosts The Bottom Line

  • Partner with us for a competitive advantage in a global privacy-conscious hot market.
  • Lead the future of safe and accessible covert and obfuscated communications. 
  • Be everyone’s mobile personal AI safety assistant, and take center stage of telecom security now.

Here's how Shh! It is leading this telecommunications transformation

In today’s fast-paced AI tech landscape, user trust is paramount. Companies that prioritize the safety and security of private data shared during mobile calls, not only protect their users, but also strengthens brand equity.

Innovative Edge

Stay ahead of the curve by integrating our cutting-edge Shh! It into your mobile calling products. Be the leader in secure data telecommunications, usable by everyone, everywhere, anytime safely.

Strengthened Brand Integrity

Demonstrating a commitment to user safety and privacy, combined with equal access to these improved safety tools by any human, enhances your brand’s integrity.

Gain AdvantageS in a Mobile Device Using Privacy-Conscious Market

Users trust and engage with products that prioritize their private data security and personal safety. Gain the advantages of increased customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

Reduced Legal and Compliance Risks

Addressing data privacy concerns and providing disability accessible tools proactively mitigates legal risks and safeguards against reputation damage.

Enhanced User Experience

Users trust and engage with products that prioritize their private data security and personal safety, leading to increased customer retention and loyalty.

Demonstrable ROI for Security Investment

Investing in cutting-edge security technology like Shh! It provides tangible returns by increasing user safety trust and engagement, impacting the bottom line positively.

Foster a Safer Telecommunications Ecosystem

Safer communities, less data hackers, this is the goal of you partnering with us. It’s a win-win-win situation. Where caller safety and increased covert data sharing combine with roaming translation regionally, to become the standard in modern mobile telecommunications.

Shh! It, Don’t Say It

transform telecommunications

fix safety and security issues

lower risks, add value, win-win

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